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»Electronic Equipment«
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Single Mechanism Of Automated Equipment
Electronic Equipment Division Profile
         Electronic Equipment division was established in 2001, upon more than 20 years technology in automation machinery, Shuz Tung is with abundant experiences of single mechanism automation, fully automation and the knowledge of industry, to control the automation system via the specialized of managerial skills to achieve the goal combination of mechanism and electricity of optical industry, the analysis and plan of IE production process. We are based on the excellent team and the R&D group. Its our target to provide the qualified equipment and service to the customers in optical and electronic industries in order to bring them the most completed management in production process. Not only continuously develop the various new equipments, but also focus to the high technical semiconductor production equipment, TFT-LCD production equipment and the PCB production process; In future, we will still acquaint the change of market and the environment at all times in order to provide the various choices to customers and your trust and support will be highly expected.    
Business Policy
  Quality priority
Customer first
Keep outstanding
Everlasting business

Business Item
  Design and produce the automation equipment and fixture
Products of Type
  Automatic Dispenser Series
Inspection equipment
Conveyer system
Laser marking equipment
Single mechanism automation
Loader and Un-loader equipment
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Electronic Equipment

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