EN Tester


Suspension Front Fork Fatigue Testing M/C
  • HT-2134A


  • This machine is specialized for test bicycle's front forks, set the specimen on test bench, exert the test according to standard & specified load and speed, then checked specimen status when the tester runs up to the set times and automatically stopped.
  • This tester is designed according to standard ISO 4210, JBMS-94 and DIN 79100, Article 5.4.2.
Model HT-2134A
Capacity 2kN
Testing Frequency 1~8 Hz
Testing Accuracy ±5%
Cylinder Stroke 100mm
Testing Function Testing report, data storage & report printing function
Fixture One set of each front forks horizontal and vertical fixtures
Pneumatic Source Buyer provides, test - use air system and air reservoir (6 bar. Above)
Power 1Ø ; 220VAC ; 50 / 60Hz