EN Tester


Bicycle brakes / riding testing M/C
  • HT-2332DB


  • This tester is suitable to test riding & brakes performance of a bicycle fully assembled. The tester equipped 2 adjustable rollers for adjusting interval between front and rear wheel upon different size of bicycle and corresponded with standard/legislation/practice of each country. Following spec as standard described to install jump plate and load of each part of bike such as seat post, pedals, handlebar, luggage carriers.
  • Riding test: Adjusting roller according to bike's front & rear wheel actual interval then constant apply wheels running speed under 7~24km/hr during seting time, after test the bike should hold normal function and there should be no visible cracks or fractures in any part of bike. Brakes test: Set up roller's friction coefficient, wind speed, riding-way slope, water-spray times of loaded brake handlever base on standard druing testing time and determined bike's performance upon test result.
  • We offer one set of PC hardware and operation software of this tester.
  • This machine is designed according to standard EN 14764 / EN 14765 / EN 14766 / EN 14781, modular grip using depend on standard of each country.
Model HT-2332DB
Adjustable Range (mm) Max.1200mm (Between front & rear wheels )
Counter Setting Diameter (mm) Ø760 (Ø560 is optional)
Jump block amount & combination phase 3 blocks x 120° phase (4 blocks x 90° phase- optional)
RPM (km/hr) Max. 30, as per standard requirement
Power Servo motor + reducer + clutch
Rotation Speed of Cranks Km/hr 7 – 24 km / hr
Counter Weight Seat post (kg) 36
Pedals (kg) 18
Handlebar (kg) 6.75
Luggage carriers (kg) 10, 18 OR 25 according to luggage carriers, area 240X240 (assembly type)
Head tube (kg) 14
Force to Brake Grip Continuity load & release (pat.) DIN:Max. 180N (30N per stage )
Water Spray ml/s Max. 4 ml/s
Friction Coefficient - ≧ 0.5 ≦1
Braking kN 2
Power - 3 ø x 220V x 50Hz / 60 Hz (3 ø x 380V 選用)
Consumption kVA 4
Dimension (WxHxD) Main body (cm) 260 x 240 x 80
Control Box (cm) 260 x 80 x 100