EN Tester


Bicycle Frame Horizontal / Vertical Dynamic Fatigue Testing M/C (8HZ)


  • This tester is suitable to test the fatigue of bicycle frames. Mount the bicycle frames on the front fork fixture and rear fork fixture, set up number of testing times then apply test by constant frequency and load. Upon testing result to determine developing and manufacturing products' qualities are conformed with Quality Certification Standard
  • This machine is pneumatic control type.

CapacityHorizontal 500 N ~ 2 kN
Vertial 500 N ~ 2 kN
Testing Frequency1~8 Hz
Testing Accuracy±5%
Vertical Testing StrokeMax. 100 mm (±50 mm)
Horizontal Testing StorkeMax. 200 mm (±100 mm)
Safety DeviceDestruction auto-stop sensing device
Emergency stop & safety device
Testing FunctionTesting report, data storage & report printing function
International StandardEN 14781 4.7.1, 4.7.4
EN 14766 4.8.1, 4.8.5
Pneumatic SourceBuyer provides, test - use air system and air reservoir ( 6BAR. above)
Power1Ø ;200VAC;50/60HZ