EN Tester


Multi-functional bicycle impact testing M/C


  • It is suitable to appy impact test of bike's parts or assemblies, including front fork impact test (falling mass), frame and front-fork assembly drop impact test (falling frame), frame and front-fork assembly drop impact test (falling mass), pedals horizontal / vertical & diagonal impact test (falling mass), handlebar assembly impact and crank vertical impact test. We modularize this tester, machine capacity is flexible for easy and safe operation and design also base on international standard requirement.
  • This tester is designed according to standard EN 14764 / EN 14765 / EN 14766 / EN 14781, modular grip using depend on standard of each country.

Impact Height Meet the national spec requirement
Height Scale (Caliper)(mm)Following the mold & specimen's height to adjust datum indication
Impacting Weight(kg)Interchangeable moule within 5kg~40kg, equipped according to test requirement
Impacting MachanismWorking area (WxH)60 cm x 180 cm (Frames) 60 cm x 60 cm Parts (Optional)
Impact hammer triggerApply mechanical pin-type EM clutch device to avoid falling with double security system. Safe & Endurable.
Impact hammer moduleImpact hammer is changeable in accordance with test standard, convenient & economic in application
Control SystemAdjustable control boxCan adjust height and operation setting angle
Control panelTwin-key trigger to make secured protection
Escalation limiting DeviceIncluding the heightest & lowest limit switches and location setting
Structure Security board well painting, flexible module combination with double -T fixture board
Power(Hz)3 ø, 220V, 50/60 Hz or as specified
Dimension (WxDxH)(cm)100 x 180 x 240 / 100 x 60 x 240
  Indicate the impact velocity (Optional)