EN Tester


Due Mode Dynamic Testing M/C (10 HZ)


  • This tester is suitable to test bicycle parts, materials, complete cycle, it is equipped integrated dynamic fatigue test, versatility test function and applications widly. The tests are accorded with standards in each country.
  • This tester is due mode type, it can follow the test demand selecting single or triple module of structure.
  • This tester is manufactured under ISO-9001 quality certification standard.
  • The force calibration conforms with ISO 7500/1, EN1002-2, BS1016, DIN5122, ASTME4, JIS B7721 / B7733, CNS9471 / 9470, JJG475-88.
  • Each test modular grip design is flexible and accorded with internation standards as below listed: EN14764 / EN14765 / EN14766 / EN14781.

Load Capacitykgf200/500/1000 or as per requirement
KN2 / 5 / 10 or as per requirement
Max. AmplitudeMM±50 (±100 for special requirement)
Control Mode Force control or Distance control
Loading Accuracy ±1% accuracy of calibration
Force Amplified Radio x10% , x20% , x50% , x100% Auto radio switch
Module Mechanism Adjustable in X,Y, Z direction
Adjustable Test Space DimensionX-direction (mm)1600
Y-direction (mm)1200
Z-direction (mm)1400
Displacement Sensor LVDT
Control System High precision closed-loop control system with MOOG servo valve
Frequency Range 10Hz / QR-40 or 25Hz / QR-60 (Special frequency depeandent on special requirement)
Test Waveform  Sine    Triangular