About Us

About Us
Your Reliable Partner in
Industrial Automation
Equipment Supply
Established in 1979
Shuz Tung has been dedicated to manufacturing of various machinery and automation equipment. More than 43 years, Shuz Tung has accumulated advanced and professional techniques for superior production quality on practical and solid ground. The efforts and a chievement are highly recognized by all the customers.
More Than 4,000 Models Are Sold Around The World
Outstanding capabilities of techniques and engineering, excellent working team and after services, all of these firmly shape great competitiveness for Shuz Tung. Shuz Tung specialize in manufacturing of CNC/NC tube bending machines, metal tube forming machines, turn-key plants for bicycles production , automation integration , auto welding system, Hydroforming tubes OEM/ODM, 3D laser cutting equipment, electronic equipment , etc. The product range consists of more than 4,000 models which are sold around the world.
The Best Quality To Aim At The Prosperous Future in The New Century
Comprehensive and complete service is Shuz Tung’s strength to guarantee 100% customers satisfaction.
From fundamental production equipment, technical transferring, technical consultation to turn-key planning,
customers are provided with highly effective, highly integrated supports for an overall view at production.Advancing with the latest market trend to stay competitive and striving with all efforts to meet customers’
needs – Shuz Tung is confidently pursuing the best quality to aim at the prosperous future in the new century!
Business Policy
  • Quality priority
  • Everlasting business
  • Customer first
  • Keep outstanding